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With Nyma Tours you will experience the city adventurously and surprisingly. We offer walking, cycling and self-guided tours in Groesbeek, Nijmegen, Haarlem, Leiden, Utrecht, Tilburg and Maastricht.

To organize company outings, please contact us. With great pleasure and ease we can pull off a large group

"Had a lot of fun on this tour!"

– Marcel

"Super cool tour, thanks Julia for all of the interesting facts about Nimma!"

– Vincent

"We were guided through the city with a lot of enthusiasm. We really enjoyed it!"

– Marjo

"What a smooth and fun tour through Nijmegen! Definitely a recommendation if you want to get to know the city in a fun way."

– Bas

"This is a unique experience of the city Nijmegen, after which you'll see the paving and buildings differently."

– Eva

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Quiztour Nijmegen | Self guided

A surprising quiz-tour to discover Nijmegen, biking or walking, your choice. This quiz shows you the way through the city, along beautiful spots. With a delicious lunch and drinks you’ll enjoy.

Self-guided wandel- en fietstour
2,5 h
Friday - Saturday -Sunday
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Pronck beer quiz by bike in Leiden!

Leiden, a city of freedom, beautiful heritage, and a very interesting history when it comes to brewing beer! In collaboration with Brewery Pronck we have set out a special beer route for you.

Self-guided biketour
Every day
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Jopenbeer quiz by bike | Haarlem

Enjoy Haarlem by bike with beers by the one and only Jopenbeer! You’ll be guided by the quiztour through the city and discover all the beautiful hide aways of Haarlem.

Self-guided biketour
Every day
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All around Nijmegen

Cycling all around Nijmegen over the Waalbrug and the Oversteek. During this tour you'll have a gorgeous view of the city and while you're led through various times within history.

Cycling tours
2,5 hours
max. 15
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Kids’ special: the timeline tour

Interactive learning while on the move, the best way for kids to learn! While doing various assignments along the way, small groups of kids will learn about Nijmegen's rich history.

Cycling tours
2 hours
max. 5 children
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Dutch Locals

Dutch Locals helps you connect with locals in Nijmegen. On this website you'll find local associations, activities, events, and services. Everything to help you get started, show you what's happening, and where you can connect to grow your network.

Bezoek I Love Nijmegen
an image showing local expats