The Stevenskerk, the icon of Nijmegen

When you’re in Nijmegen, you simply can’t avoid the Stevenskerk. From all corners of the city, the tower calls you to the city centre. The Stevenskerk (consecrated in 1272) is a place of reflection, and one of experiences. Pop concerts during the Four Day Marches, year-round classical music, conventions, expositions, and many other events organised by the Radboud University and the HAN. And: beer tastings in a historical setting!

A visit to the Stevenskerk is a true experience. The high, elegant arches, the dazzling light shining in through the lancet windows, the ancient tombs, a spectacular row of chandeliers: you simply don’t know where to look! This imposing monument affects you, moves you. Visit the Stevenskerk and experience it for yourself!