The Ooijpolder

In the Ooijpolder, located right next to downtown Nijmegen, you can spend the day enjoying gorgeous fields and endless views with the centuries-old Nijmegen ridge by your side. A perfect place to let your thoughts run wild and find some peace. Along the way, there’s a good chance you may even encounter the free-roaming Konik horses or Galloway cattle. Using this link you’ll find several hiking trails.

Prefer to explore the area on your bicycle? Can do! This link shows a 45 kilometer route through the Ooijpolder and the Lingewaard, following the river and through nature. If you’d like to embark on this cycling trail, don’t forget to take some cash for the two ferries! The charge is two euros a person for each crossing.

In case you’d rather relax in a way that doesn’t involve hiking or cycling, you can take it easy by visiting one of the Waal beaches. You can get there by crossing the pedestrian bridge Ooypoort located below the Waal bridge. The beaches await, right ahead of you!